Putting pen to paper has, for me, always been more of an exciting challenge than a chore.InformalPictureStanding

I wrote poems when I was a kid – that was about the only form of hard physical labor in which I excelled – and I’ve enjoyed writing essays ever since I’ve realized I was too big of a coward to write good poetry. When it comes to writing, I’ve never been an introvert – having published a book at the age of 13 and many opinion pieces throughout my high school and college years.

And yet, the blogosphere has never fascinated me, the way it does many of my expressive and opinionated peers. Tweets! Facebook statuses! Blog posts! I feel as thought the infinite online surplus of printing paper has perverted our need for expression and turned us all into compulsive strippers. Even the dimmest appearance of a megaphone makes us want to share every-single-goddamn-though that crosses our mind with the whole of the online Universe. We love to presume that, because our opinions can be published, they deserve to be listened to. And, since most bloggers’ attention-seeking greatly surpasses their ability to gain attention by saying something original about the World, they often choose to intimate most private bits of their lives, in a tacky – or, as it’s called, provocative manner. I’ve got little sympathy for fashion bloggers who presume that a discussion of their latest-bought underwear merits someone’s attention (although, admittedly, it does), nor do I think that a detailed first-person narrative of facing a pet’s death is within the boundaries of good publishing taste. But, alas, I am in the minority.

I’ve started this blog because I’ve realized that, as many other people do, I spend copious amounts of time reading news articles, op-eds, Stanford Encyclopedia entries, lecture transcripts, essays, etc. I get lost roaming Wikipedia and watching YouTube videos of public debates, TED Talks – sometimes, as it often happens with one’s thoughts, I try to recollect the trail of web search that led me to a given website, and I get surprised if I do. So, my idea for this blog is to post whatever piece of writing I find interesting, thought-provoking and worthy of someone’s time – along with a few comments on my part. Since my computer literacy matches that of a mildly tech-savvy caveman, this blog’s appearance and technical endowment will be humble. Hopefully, essence will beat form and general awesomeness will prevail.

Where’d the name come from, you may ask? I stole it from a brilliant book of aphorisms by the Polish poet Stanislaw Jerzy Lec (the book, which I recommend wholeheartedly, can be found on Amazon on this link). “My Thoughts Unkempt” seemed do fittingly describe the kind of writing you’ll encounter at this blog: stylistically unkempt, not graced with re-editing, hopefully unpretentious and assuredly honest.

Having said that, let’s begin.


Your thoughts?

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